Speak Easy – Erotica or No?

Roaring 20's

Speak Easy (working title) is my most recent book to be accepted for publication. It’ll be out in digital format first (YEA!) and then in print. So, you can all download it in less time than it would take to get the printed version on the street.

What is Speak Easy about? It’s about a woman, Helen Byrne, who runs a mob in Chicago in the mid-twenties. Her mob is small, compared to her enemies, but she runs a couple speakeasies and collects protection money from many businesses. Her gang is not afraid of skirmishes with the big boys, either.

This book has a lot of violence in it… What with Helen defending her turf and showing her muscles to her enemies, least of which is Al Capone.

Helen is a woman who loves other women.  And she loves the new breed of women – Flappers.But there’s one woman who really captures Helen’s attention – Maria, whose boyfriend happens to be Al Capone’s right hand man.

So, as you can see, there’s quite a story in this book. But there’s also a lot of sex. I don’t know if it’s considered erotica or not, though… I suppose that’ll be up to the boss at this point.

But, tell me, to you – what makes a book erotica? And do you read erotica? Or, are you interested in the roaring twenties? Does Chicago in the twenties appeal to you? I’d love some feedback. Please comment. Thanks!


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  1. Elisabeth

    So excited about the new book. For me, as a reader, I don’t buy a book based on the genre. I read all types of books (lesbian). Now I have certain genres I like better than others, it’s more about what I feel like reading.
    I don’t think I have read anything like “Speak Easy” about Chicago in the 20’s so I look forward to reading it. I always look for a book that will entertain and inform.

  2. I read and write erotica. To me, erotica is all about pushing boundaries. It is the unexpected, the “out of the norm”, the flavor other than vanilla. It’s edgy and full of heat, but cool and aloof when needed. So, if “The Roaring Twenties” has a fair share of the above, I’d call it erotica.
    Best wishes for a successful new site and great writing adventures in the futures. Renee…

  3. PJ

    For me, the more sex the better. I love getting turned on by what I read. Many stories by authors I truly love make you wait for one sex scene at the end. That’s it. There’s almost a formula: 2 women meet, immediate attraction, fear of involvement or circumstances that prevent it, the build-up to the “moment” which may or may not include explicit sex, the realization that this is what they have been waiting for, the END. So if you can break that pattern, it would be greatly appreciated!

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