It’s the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year!

That’s right folks – College football season is upon us – GOOOOOO DUCKSSSSSS!!!!

It’s going to be an exciting year for the Ducks this year, even though, as of week 3 we’re still not ranked. I expect us to climb though, especially after we destroyed our opponents from Southern Utah 77-21. It was beauty to behold. The victory over Nebraska started out beautiful, but our defense let them back in the game. But let’s focus on the bright spots for now.

We have a bright young quarterback, Justin Herbert, who shows poise under pressure.

And a new coach, Willie Taggart 

Running back Royce Freeman is set to break some records this year!

Not to mention our other running backs, featuring Benoit

And Brooks-James who ran the first kickoff of the season back for a touchdown!

So, our offense is high powered and exciting to watch. The Defense? Not so much. They’re  better than last year, but have a long way to go. Overall, they’re not horrible, but they’d be better if they learned to tackle. You know? But, under the leadership of such returning players as Dye, I have hopes for them improving.

Next week we play Wyoming, which should be an easy win for us, but we’ll see. After that, we’ll start PAC12 play and that’s gonna be challenging. Our mojo definitely seems to be back. I just hope our defense can start making the plays necessary to close the door on those teams who come calling.

So, what about you? Are you excited about college football? Who’s your favorite team and how are they doing so far?

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