Hurricane Harvey

It all started Saturday, August 26, 2017. It rained off and on all day. But, it was truly that night that the storm hit. We woke up Sunday morning to water in our street. Hmm… my pictures are showing sideways to me again. I apologize if you’re seeing it that way, as well. I hope you can see the water running down the street.

The wind was blowing and it was raining hard. We, of course, turned on the TV and saw that so many of our neighbors were not faring as well as we were. Houston is a huge city and some parts were underwater. Bayous were overflowing, as well as rivers and by Monday, reservoirs had joined in. Some of the dams were about to breach, so they decided to let water out, which filled the already overflowing Buffalo Bayou with even more water. More neighborhoods flooded.

This pic shows where Brays Bayou came to in relation to our house. It shows how lucky we really were. The arrow indicates where our house is. It also shows Brays Bayou on a normal day.

But, like the great city Houston is, people came together and helped each other. Sporting goods stores donated boats to help to get to the stranded people. Furniture stores opened their doors to those who needed shelter. Convention centers and stadiums took in those with nowhere else to go.

It’s going to take a long time to recover from this. Laydin went to her school this morning (which stayed dry) with the rest of her team to get things ready to start school next week. The poor kids need some semblance of normalcy. We all do. But when will it come? People have been making donations, and for that we are eternally grateful. If you’re considering making a donation, please check out the blog Laydin and I wrote listing sites we suggest donations be made to:

The road ahead of us is long and arduous. But, we will survive. It may not feel like it to many right now, but we’ll bounce back. And for now, it’s sunny and warm in our beloved city. Yay.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during this time. They are much appreciated. Let me reiterate – Laydin and I and the furkids are fine. But others were much less fortunate. And it’s for them that we need your help.

Thanks for reading!

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