Lessons in Desire

There’s so much horrific stuff happening in the world right now. I should blog about that, shouldn’t I? Though we all know about it and suffice it to say I’m appalled by recent events and even more so by responses to them. So, how about we escape from it all by diving into a new book?

I have a new book coming out – book #12- next month. It’s titled Lessons in Desire.

Here’s the blurb:

Crockett Devine is a butch playboi and assistant professor of English. She wants forever someday. But not today. Until she meets Gina, her wingman Melinda’s TA. Sparks fly immediately. They’re falling hard and fast for each other until Fall Semester starts. When their hot and happily ever after is cooled by academic politics, the two women can no longer see each other. Much to Gina’s chagrin, Crockett insists they see other people.The semester is long and both women are tempted to give in to others. Will they be strong enough to withstand temptation? Or will they give in and lose each other for good?

So now you know a little about the book. But what about the characters? Who are they? What are they all about?

Crockett Devine loves the ladies. She and her friend, Melinda, often go to the lesbian club to go dancing. Crockett seldom leaves alone. When asked why she won’t settle down, she just says she’s not ready. She plans to sometime, just not yet. The reality is, her parents had a messy breakup and Crockett is afraid of the same thing happening to her. All this changes when she meets Gina Moreno. Something flips inside her and she knows she wants more than a simple roll in the hay with her.

Gina is new to town. She’s a transfer student into the Master program. From the minute she sees Crockett in Melinda’s office, she knows she wants her. When they run into each other at the club and Crockett asks her out, Gina knows she’s close. And she’s right. Once they get together, flames fly with an intensity neither can deny.

You know you want to read this book, right? LOL Well, I know I want you to read it. So, I’m giving you a chance to win it before you can buy it. Simply leave a comment telling me who your hottest teacher was and why… or just comment, but I’d love to hear about your school fantasies and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Lessons in Desire. Thanks for playing! Oh yeah – and the contest will end Thursday, August 24 at 5:30 Central Time. Thanks again!




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