Election, 2016

So, the election was two days ago and I’m still reeling from the results. I spent most of yesterday in tears and am fighting them again today.

I feel lots of things as a result of said election-Anger, hurt, fear, but most of all betrayal. Why betrayal? Half of this country doesn’t believe I deserve to have equal rights as everyone else. Not just as a lesbian, though, of course that’s in the forefront of my mind, but also as a woman. As a woman, I should be objectified and treated inferior. I don’t deserve equal rights as a man. Has half the country not heard of the Women’s Rights movements?

And then there is the obvious fact that I’m a lesbian. Sure, we were given the right to marry two years ago, but how long will that stand? Will they overturn that? Can they? Am I safe to walk down the street now? Or will it be open season on homosexuals. For those of you that have met me, you know, I couldn’t pass for straight if my life depended on it. Am I an open target? I worry about these things. I really do. Please don’t roll your eyes and tell me I’m overreacting. I live in Texas. And I’m scared.

But, underlying the fear and the betrayal is the anger. That’s right. I’m pissed off that this nation has so many uneducated people that they managed to get the Cheetos man elected! That in and of itself is proof that we need a better education system. But do you think we’ll get that under Trump? Hell no! He’d like, no he needs to keep these people uneducated. They obviously help his party. We need to fight for a better system!

We all know what kind of a man Trump is, so I’m not going to rehash that here. This was just a place for me to get my feelings out and share with you a little of what I’m feeling today, two days post election. Others h ave said it more eloquently and with more words, but this is me. This is my blog and it’s how I’m feeling.

I spent a lot of time emailing a very good friend of mine yesterday and she reminded me to just take things a day at a time. I know that’s all we can do.

Then, Laydin got home from work and reiterated that belief. She told me all we can do is love one another and get through it a day at a time. So that’s what I’m goin to do. I’m going to remember to breathe, to love Laydin with all my heart, and take each day as it comes. It’s only for four years, after all, right?



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  1. Tq

    I woke this morning feeling even worse than yesterday. I think it’s safe to say, it finally set in. Angie said something to me this morning as a joke and I just lost it. I finally broke down and cried. I’ve never cried after an election before. Maybe it never meant as much to me as it did this time around. The only word I could utter was “why?” I still cannot understand why we allowed hate to win. I don’t know that I will ever believe that history was made more so than believing we went back in time to a place where it’s acceptable to bully others. Where it’s acceptable to cheat. Where it’s acceptable to touch women inappropriately. Where it’s acceptable to be hostile towards all minorities or where it’s acceptable that if you’re different in any way, you are the outcast. My family and friends don’t understand. It was never political for me. It was always how the candidates viewed the worth of you and of me. Knowing what I know of the president elect and his vp… For once in my life, I am really afraid.
    Angie gave me the same advice as Laydin did you. Just breathe and take it one day at a time. She added, “hope will find it’s way in.” I pray she’s right.

  2. Yolanda M Corona

    Yesterday, I was trying to figure out why I felt like I did the day of 9/11. Back then I felt that I had lost my sense of security and that we really are NOT INVINCIBLE! Two days ago, I felt that what we fought for right after 9/11 which was for unity and standing together was a f**king joke! While some truly meant it — others were hiding behind a mask of hate, bigotry and discrimination! What people MUST ask themselves is how a man that shows such disrespect to other people and is so ignorant can be chosen to run the most powerful nation in the world. This nation was considered a nation of tolerance and acceptance. Why would, and quite frankly, should other nations that have given this nation respect continue to do so? Things are not going to “calm” down because the haters are coming out of the ground like roaches and starting to intimidate and hurt people trying to go about their business. Most of the people I communicate with on FB (I mean lesbians over the age of 50) are just going to try and not have a stroke because of all the stupidity we see and hear. The victims in this are our children — my daughter that is 28 years old told me that she doesn’t know what to do — she is depressed and wants me to guide her. Should she join the protests currently going on, she asks me. No, I say because I am concerned that the haters will hurt her. What are other mothers out there telling their children?

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