GCLS Con 2016

Another GCLS Con has come and gone and man, was it a blast! If you’ve never gone, I highly recommend you make it a point to attend at least one con in your life. Next summer, we’ll be in Chicago. I really think you should make plans to be there.

So, this year, we got to DC a few days early so had time to look around the area. We went to Annapolis one day with the incomparable Lee Lynch and her lovely wife Lainie. Here we are on the harbor cruise.Harbor Cruise in AnnapolisThe next day we went to Gettysburg.Gettysburg Address

And then the con started. It was a great time to meet new friends and see old ones.Lunch with friends Meeting old friendsCons are like family reunions in a lot of ways, But, if you’re a newbie, there’s a con virgin program so you’ll have people to hang around with and not feel alone and lost. You’ll feel right at home.

There are lots of panels and readings always going on throughout the con. This year, I was on two panels – Research and Sex (No shock there, huh? LOL) I also went to Laydin’s panels on writing Romantic Intrigue and Blood and Gore. I did a reading from Heartscapes, which, if you haven’t gotten it yet, you really should :c) And Laydin did an excellent reading from her new book, Bitter Root.

And then, of course, there’s the award ceremony.GCKS Awards ceremonyThis year, Laydin was a finalist for Forsaken, but the competition was steep in that category. I had two books in the finals and won for Summer Passion.Award

There’s always much partying after the awards, but before hand, the Bold Strokes crew got together to show off their awards.BSB Group Sunday arrived and it was time to say good-bye for another year. Hope to see you all in Chicago!

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