So, my eighth novel, Heartscapes, will be out next month, but is available for pre-order now at www.boldstrokesbooks.com.

Heartscapes 300 DPI

I’m going to give away a copy here, though – that’s right – win it before you can buy it!

Here’s the blurb:

Jesse Garrett still grieves the death of her partner four years ago. The only thing that makes her feel alive are the nameless women with whom she shares her bed. And her art. When the opportunity arises for her to travel to Paris to study art, Jesse agrees to leave her dead-end job and take her chances in Paris.

Odette owns a cafe across the street from Jesse’s dorm. Jess frequents the cafe, mostly to see Odette with her silver hair and green eyes. It’s attraction at first sight.

Their love burns hot until Odette has a stroke, leaving her unable to remember Jesse. Will Odette ever remember her or must Jesse spend the rest of her time in Paris alone?


This book features an older woman, a health crisis and plenty of sex. What more could you ask for? Would you like to win a copy? Simply comment where you’d like to travel if you could go anywhere in the world and I’ll enter you in the drawing. The drawing will take place Thursday at 5 PM CST.

Thanks for reading!


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17 Responses to Heartscapes

  1. Debs

    Will add to my list of books to read 🙂

  2. Nicole Gough

    It’d have to be the United States, it’s such a big country with so much to see. I’d love to just buy a cheap car and drive from one side to the other, what an epic road trip that would be!!

  3. Terry Fountain

    Three places, hopefully before I die….England, Ireland, and Greece.

  4. Marti Babbitt

    Oh MJ! I have got to read this book and I’ve always wanted to go to Cat Island in the Bahamas

  5. Eva Lusk

    Ive always dreamed of visiting Australia to attend the Sydney Opera House and to cruise the Amalfi coast in Italy! Thank you for your literary contributions!

  6. Vanessa Stockett

    Back to England, my father was stationed there when I was young, I’d love to return to see if it is as amazing as my memories.

  7. Mary Deutcher

    Europe. I was stationed there and I want to go back.

  8. Barbara

    New Zealand

  9. Heidi

    Alaska.. Just booked a cruise today to go next year!! So excited

  10. Boasie

    I would love to go to Egypt and delve into all the history.

  11. Sarah Kerry

    I have the book so no worries about entering me in the comp, plus I’m in England, so crazy postage costs. But I would LOVE to visit America one day. I want to go to quite a few different places in America, but I’d love to visit Florida and meet a friend I have there.

    Going to womens week and meeting a bunch of my fav authors would be a dream come true for me.

  12. Sharon E. Owens

    Paris is high on my list, though I’ve been there a couple of times. I guess my dream trip would be a European tour starting in Ireland, then going through France, Spain and Italy.

  13. Abbey Seney

    Ireland!! I love the accents and history

  14. Marie

    My wish would be to visit San Francisco for my 50th birthday next year, Then my second wish would be to be sitting on a beach watching baby turtles running in to the sea.

  15. Missie

    Venice, Italy to travel down the Grand Canal!!

  16. Petra

    Japan during the cherry blossom season… Good luck with the book, it looks like a great read! Cheers

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