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GCLS 2017- Chicago

I realize I’m a little late with this, but I wanted to finally take a minute to share my trip to Chicago with everyone. As usual, I felt the con was a huge success. I met lots of new friends and got to spend copious amounts of time with my chosen family. There were plenty of readers to go along with authors this time, for which I’m very grateful.

The con started on Wednesday, but we got there Sunday to make sure we had plenty of time to sight see before the excitement started. Monday, we rented a car and Laydin drove KC Richardson, Jeannie Levig, Dutch, and myself around town, showing us the sights. We focused mostly on haunted spots and gangster history. We had a blast!

I apologize for the sideways pics in this blog. My computer was not agreeing with me. Anyway, here I am by Al Capone’s grave. It was one of the highlights of the trip!

Tuesday, Velvet Lounger came along and the six of us took the El into town.

First stop was Navy Pier. We caught the Architecture Tour on the river there. It was an amazing adventure. Then we caught buses and cruised all over the city. We saw the Bean and the American Writer’s Museum, just to name a couple of things.

Wednesday, the con started. My first order of business was reading at the first ever Open Mic. I read from Meeting Morgan, a short story I have in Conference Call, the anthology about Con Virgins. Several authors read from their stories. It’s a great anthology and proceeds go to GCLS. If you haven’t bought it yet, you really should:

It was so great seeing everyone. KC surprised us when her wife, Inger, showed up Wednesday afternoon after telling us she couldn’t make it. I’m still smiling about that.

We went to a Master Class put on by Karin Kallmaker, Seducing the Reader:
4 Elements of a Strong Opening to Intrigue the Reader,
in which she actually made us write! It was a lot of fun. We also attended a couple of Panels featuring Velvet Lounger about writing reviews. Thursday night we snuck

back into town to catch Hamilton. I’d post a pic of that, but we’re upside down in that one. LOL

Friday, we went to a Master Class put on by Cindy Cresap, Creating Authentic Conflict: Developing Memorable Characters Who Drive the Plot. It was very informative and entertaining.
There were plenty of panels to go around. I was on a panel with several other authors discussing character development. Laydin was on one discussing how to use secondary characters in a mystery or intrigue novel.

There were also lots of readings. You could hear from a variety of authors who all write fascinating books. Laydin and I each did a reading. I was nervous as all heck, but she did wonderfully in hers.

Saturday was the ever popular awards ceremony.

Heartscapes won the Tee Corrine Award for best book cover. YAY!

The conference was a blast, but it was finally time to say good-bye to everyone with promises to see each other in Vegas, if not in PTown. If you can make it to the con next year, you really should. It is so much fun! We came home with lots of memories, a few shot glasses, and several books. I’m currently reading “When Butches Cry” by Genta Sebastian and LOVING it!

OK – that’s it for me. Another con in the books. Is it October yet? I’m ready for PTown!

Questions or comments? Feel free!

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