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United We Stand

PulseIt’s where my heart is still today. Like so many others, my heart and head are reeling after the attack on our brothers and sisters in Orlando yesterday. These were people. Yes, they were gay and lesbian people, but they were people first and foremost. They were sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. And their lives were taken why? Because of who they love. Some have tried to make this about international terrorism, but it’s not. It was a hate crime plain and simple. When will this all end? Why must we live in fear? We won’t, though. It’s what they want. They want us to be afraid, unsure if what we’re doing is right.

But we know. We know that what we’re doing is right. We can feel it in our hearts. We feel it in our souls. We know. And they can’t change that. Not with their small mindedness, not with their stupid automatic weapons that they shouldn’t even have, but that’s another subject. You don’t want to get me started on that.

This week, I’ll be selling books with other Bold Strokes authors at San Angelo Air Force Base. The next weekend is pride. Then, in July, it’s the GCLS ConGCLS At each of these events, I will be potentially opening myself up to be a target. So, do I stay home? Do I avoid them? NO! Because I’m Proud! Proud to be a card carrying butch lesbian and no one is going to take that away!

We can’t live in fear. Please don’t. Please continue to love with all your heart and stand tall and proud. We deserve to be happy. Don’t let anyone take that away from you!


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