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Women’s Week 2015

Oh, My God! Oh, My God!!!!! Have you ever been to Provincetown for Women’s Week????!!!! If not, why??? It’s an amazing place full of synergy and everything else positive in life! So, I’m gonna do a lot of name dropping in this post, because I’m an author and I can LOL. I thought what I’d do was give you a little run down of how I spent my time there. Now, mind you, it’s going to read like I needed a liver transplant when it was all through, but I didn’t. I survived with nothing more than a wicked cold, and I’ll take that.

So, we got to Boston Saturday night, got settled into the hotel and turned on the Duck game. They lost in double overtime. My vacation was not starting off well. Got up Sunday morning and met Laydin’s nephew, John and his wife Tanya, for brunch at this cool little place called the Beehive. It was awesome. We visited and got all caught up on the haps in their life then jumped in our little rental car and zipped off to Provincetown. Oh, My God!!! The feeling of returning to that little slice of Paradise is indescribable. As you come around the curve just outside of Truro and you see the monument in the distance… it’s an amazing feeling. We found our quarters, which were very nice, by the way. We (Laydin) found them on airb&b. We got ourselves situated then headed for town. First stop, find Sue and Dawn and Dutch for dinner. We met up with them at the Crown and Anchor but couldn’t get in. So, we walked over to Vorelli’s. Delicious shrimp scampi there, but you’ve got to like garlic, because they don’t skimp.

After dinner, we said good night to those three and went to see Kate Clinton. That woman is soooo funny!!!!! She really is still hilarious.

Monday, Monday=lots to do. First thing to do is meet up with the terrible threesome again. It was about eleven in the morning, so we decided we’d stop by Governor Bradford’s for morning beverages. I had a bloody Mary. It was pretty good, but I have to say the Squealing Pig’s was much better. So, we had a few drinks and lunch and then it was time for the first signing of the week and Laydin’s first signing ever!!! It was so exciting! Sue Seifert had already bought the book, Forsaken, and waited rather impatiently for the event to start. Hers was the first book Laydin ever signed. Next came Dutch. It’s so wonderful to have friends who support us. We were signing with Radclyffe, Jo Victor, Dena Hankins, Missouri Vaun, and Franci McMahon. It was a really good time and we sold quite a few books, considering how early it was in the week. After signing, we went back to the Governor Bradford’s to celebrate Laydin’s signing. Then we walked up the street to Bayside Betsy’s for dinner. It was really good. I had the seafood platter and I’d highly recommend it. After dinner we walked up to Dawn Sue and Dutch’s B&B. They had a little bar there where we could shoot pool. (Or try to shoot pool, as the case may be…)

Tuesday was a day with no plans. It dawned cloudy and rainy. We waited a few hours and the rain was gone, so we decided to go whale watching. We saw a bunch of whales. It was an incredible adventure. Dutch and Laydin got some great pics, but this is about as good as mine got.Whale TailIt was pretty neat.

After watching whales, well, we wandered up the street to the Squealing Pig. That place is so much fun. We had a few drinks there, then Mercedes Lewis walked by so Laydin ran outside to grab her. She came in to join us. Then Kris Bryant came by. That woman is a riot! So we had a nice sized group sitting there drinking and BS’ing and just having fun. We grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to Governor Bradford’s. Dawn, Kris and I shot tequila, but Kris would only do one since she had to moderate a reading the next day. I laughed as I did my second shot! It was a lot of fun. Dawn, Dutch and Kris took over the juke box and we all sung along with the songs they’d chosen. It was great.

Wednesday arrived and that meant it was time to get down to business. Now, bear in mind, there was a ton of stuff to do all week there, but I’m only going to tell you about where we were and what we had to do. Wednesday morning, bright and early (10 o’clock) I had to be at the library for a panel on writer’s life. Sandy Lowe moderated it and Sophia Kell-Hagin and Barbara Ann Wright were on the panel with me. It was a good panel and it was actually well attended for that ungodly hour.

Two o’clock Wednesday was my reading panel that Kris was moderating. It was all about dialogue. And, you know what? It’s really hard to read a scene out loud that’s mostly dialogue! But we did it. I read from Summer Passion. My fellow panelists were Missouri Vaun (who is like the coolest person!), Sophia Kell-Hagen, Jo Victor, and the oneĀ  and only CF Frizzell.

After the reading it was, guess what? Back to Governor Bradford’s then at 4, we got to sign books. I think that’s the best part of Women’s Week. All the different women you meet and get to chat with over a good book :).

Once the signing was over, it was time to head to The Sage for the GCLS meet-n-greet. There was a really good turn out for that. It’s always so good seeing old friends and meeting new ones at those events.

Thursday morning was another early one. I had a ten o’clock reading for GCLS. I read from Sheltered Love. KA Moll and Aurora Rey were also on the panel. It was their first reading EVER!!! They both nailed it!!! Nell Stark and Dorrine Perrine were also on the panel.

After that reading, it was off to Gabriel’s to read erotica. I read from Summer Passion again. It seemed to be well received. Dena Hankins, Tina Michele, Nell Stark, Ali Vali, D. Jackson Leigh were the other readers. The audience really seemed to enjoy it.

Next, it was Laydin’s first reading. It was all about action. She did a fantastic job!Dini ReadingShe read with Jackie D, Justine Saracen, Carsen Taite, VK Powell, and CF Frizzell.

I signed books at Recovering Hearts immediately after Laydin’s reading and then, after her signing, we walked down to the Harbor Lounge for the Bold Strokes Books Meet ‘n’ Greet. That was a lot of fun. It was someone’s birthday who just happened to be there. She had no idea about BSB or Lesfic or anything like that, so Laydin signed a copy of her book and gave it to her. Hopefully that’ll open her mind to more great books. I also met Elna and June from Britain who had come over here just to get BSB books. It was an honor signing a book for them.

By Friday morning, I had a decent case of the Cape Cod Crud. I missed Laydin’s second reading, though I heard from everyone there that she did a fantastic job. We lay low most of the day until it was time for the big fundraiser. BSB authors CA Popovich, CF Frizzell, Kris Bryant and TJ Thomas all rented one house. CA and CF’s partners were there… I don’t know if CA is married? I know CF is engaged… anywho, so they all decided to put on a barbecue in their house and invited people over. D. Jackson Leigh was there, Cindy Rizzo was there, Dawn, Sue and Dutch were all there, and Nadine and her wife and friend and, shoot, I’m not going to remember everyone… Oh – Tina Michele and Fiona Riley and Holly Stratimore and her wife… Anyway – a lot of people showed up. Dena Hankins and James were eating veggie burgers, but the rest of us got the real deal, along with a healthy serving of Laydin’s potato salad. I was proud to be part of the group that raised $205 for the PTown animal shelter. After dinner, Holly and Friz broke out their guitars and treated us to a wonderful show. We sang until I was hoarse.

That night, we had to say good-bye to Sue and Dawn who were hitting the road Saturday morning. It’s always so sad when that happens.

Saturday, we went to a couple more BSB readings and stopped by Recovering Hearts where I bought the coolest dragon (I collect dragons.) And people came up to us and asked us to sign more books, so that’s what we did. After that, we went to the Crown and Anchor for dinner – okay if you like lobster mac and cheese, you won’t be disappointed, but come hungry. The serving size for that entree was enormous! After dinner, it was time to see Suede!!!! YAY!!! I love her! She put on a great, albeit short, show, so we went back to Governor Bradford’s. Friz was there with Kathy, Holly was there with her wife, Mercedes was there, Kris was there, Nadine and her crew and Tina Michele and Fiona Riley. Mercedes and Tina actually sang karaoke, but all of us sung at the top of our lungs every song. It was awesome. The perfect way to end a wonderful week.

Good-byes were said as we all made our ways back to our places for one last night before heading home.

I really, REALLY urge you – if you ever get the chance, go to Women’s Week. It’s sooo much fun!


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