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Another Summer Gone

Wow… I really need to blog more often. I’m  horrible about it, aren’t I?

So, Summer is almost officially over and I thought I’d share with you a little bit about my summer.

The fun started for us in June, when, the day after the Supreme Court ruled Same Sex Marriages were legal, we had H0uston Pride.Pride

There were five authors from BSB there. We had a blast and sold lots of books. The next day, Laydin and I went over to her sister’s house. Her sister has breast cancer and is going through chemo. She decided to shave her head since her hair was falling out. So, we joined her.Shaved It was so weird to have no hair. It’s growing back now, slowly but surely.

And then it was July and time for the GCLS Con in New Orleans. The GCLS con is always a great time. You meet new friendsBeth and see old ones.Lee and Friz It was awesome. Laydin and I had a blast.Us in NOLA But it was more than fun and games. There were panels and speakers and lots to learn, believe me. I was on a couple of panels.Laughing One to talk about sex and one to talk about kissing.A kiss is but a kiss panel And, at the end of the Conference, at the Awards Ceremony, Escapades won a Goldie for Erotica. (If you haven’t read it, you really should… LOL)Award

The con was a blast, but afterward, there was still more summertime fun to be had. There was Laydin’s family reunion in Galveston. Now, if there’s one place I love, it’s the beach. And we stayed there for a week. We had so much fun. It was sun and beers and family. And our son stayed with us at the beach for the full week, even after most of the family had left. He liked swimming in the warm waters of the gulf. As did we, of course.

One new thing this summer brought for me was a love of Soccer. Our home team, the Houston Dash have three women from the USWNT on it. Meghan Klingenberger, Morgan Brian, and Carli Lloyd. We had a great time watching them. And we were there when Seattle came to town with two of their own stars, Hope Solo and Megan RapinoeHope SoloMegan Rapinoe

But Summer was not all fun and games, lest you fret. There was a lot of writing going on. I finished “Complications,” the sequel to Escapades. It’s at the beta readers right now. And I finished and submitted Goal To Go, a book about a professional woman football player.

I hope the rest of you had as fun filled a summer as I did. Feel free to share some of your adventures in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

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