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Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime…

What I Did On My Summer Vacation By MJ Williamz

WOW! What a summer I had. June was pretty low key, but once July hit, it was pedal to the metal time. July 1st, Escapades Escapadescame out. Then, on July 9th, it was so long to the working world!! I quit my job of almost 14 years so I could move to Texas and become a writer. My dream come true.

July 9 was also the start of the GCLS conference. Always a wonderful event. If you haven’t been, you should go. This year’s was held in Portland. Next year will be New Orleans. One of my favorite cities on Earth!

Anyway – yeah – attending the con while putting the finishing touches on the wedding was quite an endeavor. We had to miss some classes as we put together goody boxes for the guests at the wedding. But we managed to attend a couple panels and readings and they were informative and enjoyable.

And then it was July 13th! THE BIG DAY! The day I said “I do” to my lovely wife, Laydin Michaels.wedded blissWhat a beautiful wedding it was. Not a dry eye in the house! Laydin’s sister was our officiant and she performed a beautiful ceremony. A good time was had by all.

After the wedding we had some down time, then it was off to Galveston to a family reunion for Laydin’s family. She has fifteen brothers and sisters so it was quite an ordeal. But we had a blast! On the last day, though, I learned a valuable lesson – always use sunscreen and listen to your wife when she tells you to put some on!blister

Let me tell you, having that big blister on my foot made it heckahard to pack for the big move. For those of you who don’t know – Laydin lived in Houston and I lived in Portland. After we got home from Galveston, all we did was pack. I was blown away at how much stuff we’d accumulated in the time we lived in that apartment. There were boxes everywhere. But we did it! We got everything packed up. We spent Monday the 11th finishing packing and cleaning. Finally, the truck was ready and the ’66 Mustang was on the trailer.Stang

So, we finally got on the road Monday evening between 7:30 and 8. And so began our adventure. We knew we had to be in Houston by 5:45 Friday morning to pick Caleb up from the airport.

Monday’s journey took us to Medford, OR. It was the first 273 miles of our journey. But that drive was over hills and mountain passes so it took about six hours. We were tired when we got to the motel that we’d found that was pet friendly. Did I mention we were traveling with a cat? Yeah… Bella was with us. So we got to the motel and they didn’t have a place for us to park the truck with the car. They told us to park in a dark lot down the street. Far away from where we could keep an eye on it. We went back to the room and couldn’t sleep from worrying about the truck, so we found a new hotel and moved there. It was three o’clock before we got to sleep.

We were wiped out the next morning, but had to hit the road again. That day we drove to Merced, CA. It was a long day, but not as long as what lay aheadĀ  of us. The following day we drove to Lordsburg, New Mexico. It was a nineteen plus hour drive. The drive was through mountains and deserts. It was a desolate drive, to say the least. We were absolutely beat by the end of the day. We got to the hotel and let Bella out to run around and then we passed out. We still had a long way to go and only one day left to get home.

The thing with driving a U-Haul and towing a car – it means one can’t go more than 55 MPH and less than on hills, etc. So we got up bright and early and left around eight. We finally got home at 4:15 Friday morning. We got to the airport just in time to pick Caleb up. It was the first all-nighter I’d pulled in years, decades even.

Unpacking the truck was almost as much fun as packing, but we got it done. Oh, sure, we still have boxes to unpack and things to put away, but for now, we’re all in Houston. Living like a family. And I’m a full time writer – my dream come true!

So that’s my summer. Hope you all had a good one, too!

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