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Lone Star Lesfic Festival 2015

Well, folks, another Lone Star Lesfic Festival is in the books. And it was one for the history books, to be sure. This year there were more writers and readers there than ever before.  And, boy, was it fun! It started out Friday night with the Bold Strokes Books Dinner. Lots of the authors were there. It was a raucous affair, believe me. Saturday was the actual festival. I got to do a ten minute reading. Reading I’d never read more than a five minute reading before so I was tres stressed! I read from SpeakeasySpeakeasy coverand of course, read a sex scene. It seemed well received. I blushed, which shouldn’t surprise anyone!

I was also on a panel. It was all about sex in books. I think it was supposed to be how much is too much, but it was basically just about sex! LOL The audience laughed a lot, as well as asked some really good questions. I think they all had a really good time.

OH! Lest I forget – on the first panel of the day, someone mentioned “banging the rainbow drum” which has now become synonymous with writing lesfic, so if one of your favorite authors says she’s banging the rainbow drum, that means good things are coming your way!

The organizers of the event always treat us to dinner after, which is really great, but we’d already made other plans so we didn’t partake this year. A group of us went out for Cuban food.Dinner

It was great to see old friends and meet new ones. This event is always a blast. I highly recommend you try to make it if you can sometime. You won’t be disappointed.

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Research is critical

You know how when you’re reading a book and it all makes sense and you’re not left wondering if the author had any idea what they were talking about? Yeah, well that requires research. Sometimes it requires more research than others. I write erotica and while that kind of research is fun, I also like to challenge myself by writing in different settings and different time periods. And those settings and periods have to ring true. What if I tried to write about someplace in Europe and someone from there actually read the book? It would be a disaster if I hadn’t done my research and just wrote like I had any idea what I was talking about, right?

I’m currently writing a book that’s set during the Vietnam War.vietnam_war_18It’s the story of a protestervietnam_protest_smalland a nurse who serves on a Navy ship.repose55

Now, life as a protester seems pretty basic, right? Hold your horses. It depends. My protester lives on a commune. Have I ever lived on a commune? Nope. Much less in 1969. And the internet offers a ton of information, to be sure, but you have to dig through a lot of it to get what you need. And oh! The different kinds of communes. How to make sure the one I’ve created was actually similar to a real commune. But I did it. Tommy’s tent in the center of many other tents works. So I feel good about that.

But what about the nurse? It was all good and easy when she was on liberty hanging out with Tommy. But what does she do when she’s on board the ship? Sure, she cares for sick and wounded, but there are no wounded and not a lot of sick people on the way to Vietnam. There will be plenty to tend to on the way back stateside. Navy_Nurse_on_Repose_off_Vietnam,_Oct_67So what does a Navy nurse do all day on a ship? It’s taken a lot of research, but I’ve found some good sites, finally. I mean, you don’t want to read how many thermometers she washes each day or that kind of thing, but you want the experience to ring true, right? And that’s what research is all about.

Now, mind you, the best books you read should never show everything the author learned. In other words, it shouldn’t be just facts like bragging “Look at all the research I’ve done.” But, believe me, if the book is any good at all, that author did her research and did it well.

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2014 Women’s Week

Have you ever been to Provincetown for Women’s Week? If not, I highly recommend it! It is such a blast! This year I was fortunate enough to be there from Tuesday through Sunday. There is so much to do there. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to seeing any of the shows (there are comediennes and singers and general performers all over the place), but I still had a magical time.

I was solo Tuesday evening so I went to for dinner. You’ve gotta check it out if you’re ever there. Tho I’ll say that for any place I go to in PTown.

Wednesday, I was on a panel called “Author’s Favorites.” The panel consisted of Dena Hankins, CF “Friz” Frizzell, Shelley Thrasher and myself. Melissa Brayden was the moderator. Favorites It was a great panel. I read from Speakeasy – a scene where Helen just opened a new speakeasy. After that, we signed books at Recovering Hearts.

Wednesday evening was the Meet ‘n’ Greet for the Golden Crown Literary Society. This was a successful event. Lots of readers and writers mingling and chatting. After the event, it was off to dinner with the one and only Lee Lynch, her wife Lainie, and the incomparable Ms. Mercedes Lewis.

Thursday was more reading. I read on a panel titled “Afternoon Delight.” This panel consisted of Dena Hankins, Kris Bryant, Ali Valli and Radclyffe. It was once again moderated by Melissa Brayden.  It was supposed to be a sex scene-ish. LOL.Dena read a hot and heavy scene and Kris took it to the next level with a completed scene. Ali also read a sexy scene. Rad and I wrote more flirtatious scenes, with anticipation and desire, but no actual sexual content. Rad even said to mark it on your calendar that we were on a sex panel and didn’t read the sexiest scenes! By the way, my reading was from Escapades.

After the reading it was more signing. Sex Signing After the signing was the Bold Strokes Books Meet ‘n’ Greet. Another nice turnout of both readers and writers.  I met a lot of really neat people this week. Anyway, the Meet ‘n’ Greet wound down and I hung back with Friz and her wife, Kathy and we did some tequila shots and had a few more beers and drinks. After that, they went to American Idol, Women’s Week Style and I meandered along Commercial Street.

I found George’s Pizza and Sub and stepped in for a couple of beers and a hot pastrami sandwich. The Patriots game was on so I watched that with Sue, a woman I’d met in PTown before. Then I wandered a little further down Commercial Street (I was just killing time waiting for my wife, Laydin, to arrive) and  stepped inside Governor Bradford’s to get out of the rain. I had another couple of beers, watched the game and listened to Karaoke. It was quite amusing.

Laydin finally arrived at 2:15 am. It was time to crash and burn and get ready for the rest of the week.

Friday morning at 10:00, I was at for a reading for GCLS. This time I read from Speakeasy again. Just a typical day in the life of Helen Byrne. All the readers did a really good job. I think the panel was well received.GCLS PanelGCLS Reading 2014

Friday night was dinner with some good old friends, as well as new friends. Connie Ward, Shelley Thrasher, Ali Valli, Kathleen Knowles and her wife, Jeanette, Chris and Doris, whose last names escape me, Laydin and myself. Our hostesses were Tina and Connie and Big T. It was a treat to be there. We had prime rib and so much more food, I won’t go into it now. It was delicious and relaxing and I really appreciate all the hard work they did.Friday Night Dinner

Saturday meant another reading and signing. This reading was “Kiss and Tell.” Of course, my reading didn’t have the kiss in it. If you want the first kiss, you need to buy the book. LOL And most of my kisses come with a lot of heat, so I just kept it flirty with another scene from Escapades. The rest of the panel consisted of CA Popovich, Kris Bryant, Emily Smith, Melissa Brayden, with Rachel Spangler as the moderator.

After the signing, Laydin and I went to The Lobster Pot ( The food was amazing, as was the view. After dinner, it was quite chilly on the street, so we ducked into The Purple Feather ( We had a brownie and two cups of the best hot chocolate EVER!!!! OMG!!!! I can’t even begin to describe how delicious it was. After feeding our sweet teeth, we headed back to the condo, where we watched the Ducks destroy Washington! YEA! Goooo Ducks!!!

Sunday was time to leave. :c(. We met friends Friz and Kathy, CA Popovich, Kathleen and Jeanette, Kris Bryant and her wife Debbie for breakfast at 8:30 in the flippin morning! We met at The Post Office ( The food was excellent and the company better.

Unfortunately, after breakfast it was time to fight the traffic back to Boston to the airport. And now I’m home already looking forward to next year. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there then!


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Bundled eBooks on Sale!


Greetings everyone-

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was fantastic. The lovely Laydin Michaels was here, so I had much to be thankful for. It was just the three of us, but it was special nonetheless.

So here’s a sweet little Christmas gift idea! You can get all three of my books on eBook right now for $15.99. Buy yourself a present, or give them to a friend. I’m sure you know someone who might enjoy them, right? 🙂

Click here to buy them:

Check it out and while you’re there, be sure to check out books from other excellent Bold Strokes Authors.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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