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My new book, Score, will be available for purchase from Bold Strokes Books in a couple of days.

It will be available where all books are sold on March 13.

Score is the story of the MVP of a women’s football league. She plays in Houston, TX and has lots of adoring fans. Yes, she enjoys the company of many of these women in bed, but although there is sex in the book, the gist of the story happens when Ronda sustains a season ending injury in the second game of the season.

Her assistant, and part-time bed mate, Gayla, is there to take care of Ronda and nurse her back to health. In the process, they fall in love. While Ronda is thrilled to have Gayla as her partner, she is stressed over the thought that she may never play football again.

What calms her and soothes her during these thoughts? Her Vicodin.

In the beginning, Gayla is in control of the Vicodin, doling out her doses when she’s supposed to. But, as Ronda gets better, she takes over her own medication and starts to take more than she’s supposed to and much more frequently than she should.

This story was both fun and hard to write. It was fun because I love football and love the idea of a woman having the fame and recognition that is normally saved for male athletes. It was difficult because it transported me back to some dark days in my life.

Like so many others in the 80’s, I was a partier. Yes, it was all fun and games until cocaine became more than just a thing to do on occasion. It became an all day every day addiction. I slept maybe two nights a week. It wasn’t easy to quit, either. But, I did. To this day, if I discovered cocaine  anywhere near me, I know I’d have to leave to not be tempted. Fortunately, I don’t find myself in that situation. Ever.

So I sympathized with Ronda. I understood what she was going through and I think (hope) I did it justice. This book deals with fame, love, and addiction. I hope that doesn’t scare you off and I hope you’ll give it a shot. Like I said, you can buy it from BSB on March 1.

Questions? Comments? Let me have ’em!

I’ll be doing a random drawing for a free signed book on Friday, March 3. To enter, just leave a comment.

Thanks and happy reading!


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GCLS 2017- Chicago

I realize I’m a little late with this, but I wanted to finally take a minute to share my trip to Chicago with everyone. As usual, I felt the con was a huge success. I met lots of new friends and got to spend copious amounts of time with my chosen family. There were plenty of readers to go along with authors this time, for which I’m very grateful.

The con started on Wednesday, but we got there Sunday to make sure we had plenty of time to sight see before the excitement started. Monday, we rented a car and Laydin drove KC Richardson, Jeannie Levig, Dutch, and myself around town, showing us the sights. We focused mostly on haunted spots and gangster history. We had a blast!

I apologize for the sideways pics in this blog. My computer was not agreeing with me. Anyway, here I am by Al Capone’s grave. It was one of the highlights of the trip!

Tuesday, Velvet Lounger came along and the six of us took the El into town.

First stop was Navy Pier. We caught the Architecture Tour on the river there. It was an amazing adventure. Then we caught buses and cruised all over the city. We saw the Bean and the American Writer’s Museum, just to name a couple of things.

Wednesday, the con started. My first order of business was reading at the first ever Open Mic. I read from Meeting Morgan, a short story I have in Conference Call, the anthology about Con Virgins. Several authors read from their stories. It’s a great anthology and proceeds go to GCLS. If you haven’t bought it yet, you really should:

It was so great seeing everyone. KC surprised us when her wife, Inger, showed up Wednesday afternoon after telling us she couldn’t make it. I’m still smiling about that.

We went to a Master Class put on by Karin Kallmaker, Seducing the Reader:
4 Elements of a Strong Opening to Intrigue the Reader,
in which she actually made us write! It was a lot of fun. We also attended a couple of Panels featuring Velvet Lounger about writing reviews. Thursday night we snuck

back into town to catch Hamilton. I’d post a pic of that, but we’re upside down in that one. LOL

Friday, we went to a Master Class put on by Cindy Cresap, Creating Authentic Conflict: Developing Memorable Characters Who Drive the Plot. It was very informative and entertaining.
There were plenty of panels to go around. I was on a panel with several other authors discussing character development. Laydin was on one discussing how to use secondary characters in a mystery or intrigue novel.

There were also lots of readings. You could hear from a variety of authors who all write fascinating books. Laydin and I each did a reading. I was nervous as all heck, but she did wonderfully in hers.

Saturday was the ever popular awards ceremony.

Heartscapes won the Tee Corrine Award for best book cover. YAY!

The conference was a blast, but it was finally time to say good-bye to everyone with promises to see each other in Vegas, if not in PTown. If you can make it to the con next year, you really should. It is so much fun! We came home with lots of memories, a few shot glasses, and several books. I’m currently reading “When Butches Cry” by Genta Sebastian and LOVING it!

OK – that’s it for me. Another con in the books. Is it October yet? I’m ready for PTown!

Questions or comments? Feel free!

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Review of Complications

So I woke up this morning to this review of Complications, the sequel to Escapades. But, even if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Escapades, the reviewer says you can enjoy Complications. Please click the link below to read the review.


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Writing Complications, the sequel to Escapades, was like coming home for me. I got to return to Maybon Tir, the women’s community where Joey and Mel lived. I got to see how Joey was doing in a relationship and see how she was as a parent. But, mostly, I got to revisit Mel. I wanted to find out if she was still living the bachelor life and loving it. Or was she ready to settle down and try for forever?

It was so nice visiting with Joey and Mel and Samantha again. And even Tiffany made a few appearances, just for old time’s sake. And it was wonderful to see how little DJ had grown, and how much he loved Joey and Mel.

I’ve been asked if I’ll revisit Maybon Tir again and I don’t know. While it was fun going back for a visit, I don’t know if the small community has another story in it. But, never say never, right?

And now, you can win a copy of Complications before it comes out in June. All you have to do to be entered in the random drawing is comment on this blog. The contest ends Wednesday, May 3, at 5 pm CST.


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Love Down Under


It’s hard to believe my tenth novel has been published. So much excitement! It’ll be out next month, but I’m giving away a free copy now, before you can buy it and all you have to do is comment on this post and you’ll be entered for a random drawing!

Love Down Under is a fun frolic that takes Wylie Boase on a sight seeing trip through Western Australia, culminating in a visit to Broome. She, of course, falls in love with the area and a special lady there. She loves it so much she takes a job as a pearl diver so she can stay longer. That’s all I’m going to tell you about it. But, just to tease you, here’s a bit of it for you to read:

Wylie was up at seven, excited to spend her day sight-seeing with her new friend. She wandered out to the lobby by seven thirty and was sad to see that Amarina was nowhere to be seen. Oh well, she figured she must have time off, too. Even though Wylie had already set her sights on seducing her, she could be patient.

Kathryn walked up a few minutes later, looking quite attractive in shorts and a green safari shirt. The shirt brought out the green in her eyes and the shorts showed off tan, muscular legs. Wylie wondered if maybe she could get closer than she’d originally planned to her new friend.

“So, what are we doing first?” Wylie asked.

“I thought we’d hike around the gorges first and see some waterfalls. Then, this evening take a camel ride on the beach.”

“Most excellent. I like the sound of it. But first, I need to buy you breakfast.”

“I know just the place,” Kathryn said.

They went to a small café that wasn’t yet crowded. They found an outdoor table and chatted while they waited for their food.

“So, Kathryn, how long have you been here?”

“About a week. I’ve yet to grow tired of all the beauty in the area. But I’ll be leaving in a few days, so I need to absorb as much of the exquisiteness as I can.”

“Well, I’d hate to make you see something with me that you’ve already seen then. That doesn’t seem fair to you,” Wylie said.

“No. Really. I’ve seen it all. Now I get to see it through your eyes. I’m looking forward to that.”

“Why me?” Wylie asked.

She noticed a slight redness creep under Kathryn’s tan.

“Why not?”

“Fair enough. So, where are you from?”


“Wow. You’re a long way from home.”

“That I am.”

“You born and raised there?”

“I grew up in Vermont, went to school in Boston, and stayed. What about you?”

“I live in a small town in Northern California. Same basic idea. Went to school there and stayed.”
“So we have that in common.”

“Yeah, we do.”

After breakfast, they bought provisions, then set off on a hike to explore The Kimberley. Wylie followed behind Kathryn and enjoyed her tight ass as she walked along. They saw all sorts of bizarre rock formations, as well as deep pools of water and waterfalls. They’d been hiking for several hours and stopped by a waterfall for a break.

“I can’t believe the wonder of this area,” Wylie said.

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

“It really is.”

They ate their lunch in comfortable silence and when they were through, Kathryn stood and began to take her clothes off.

“What are you doing?” Wylie asked.

“I’m going swimming. It’s too beautiful here not to.”

“Do you have a suit?”

“No. Are you complaining?”

Of course Wylie wasn’t complaining. She was just surprised at Kathryn’s level of comfort with her.

“Not at all,” she said.

“Come on, then. Let’s get wet.”

Wylie continued to watch until she was already wet and Kathryn was naked. Her perfectly toned body was tanned all over and Wylie itched to touch it. She told herself to calm down, that she didn’t even know if Kathryn swung that way. She watched Kathryn step into the water before she finally stood and stripped herself. The water was chilly, but not too cold, and it felt good after hiking in the dirt all those hours. She tried not to stare at Kathryn, but to focus on her surroundings. The top of the gorge was many feet up and the sheer rocks were a rusty red. The contrast of the rock walls with the blue water was magnificent. Kathryn swam over to the waterfall and Wylie followed close behind. They swam under and around it and Wylie sat on a shelf behind it. The water there came up to her chest, so she didn’t feel too exposed. And she wouldn’t have to worry about temptation if Kathryn sat next to her. Which she did.

“I love looking out through waterfalls,” Kathryn said.

“Yep. It just adds to the beauty of everything.”

They sat there silently, with Wylie trying to focus on anything besides the nearness of Kathryn.

“What’s on your mind?” Kathryn asked.

“Just enjoying the beauty of everything.”

“Isn’t nature amazing?”

“It truly is.”

“So how’d you get so buff?” Kathryn said. “Are you a weightlifter or something?”

“I actually do manual labor for a living.”

“Is that right? Good for you.”

“Good for me?”

“Sure,” Kathryn said. “I’m all for breaking stereotypes. A woman doing a man’s job? Good for you.”

“Thanks. I think.”

“I mean it as a compliment.”

“Okay. And what do you do?”

“I’m an executive vice president of a bank. It suits me.”

“That’s kind of a man’s job, too, isn’t it?”

Kathryn laughed.

“It used to be, but now the glass ceiling has been shattered. But manual labor? You don’t see many women doing that. It certainly explains your body, though.”

Wylie was becoming less comfortable by the moment. She was too close to an attractive naked woman for her liking, unless they were being intimate. And she felt like Kathryn was being condescending about her work.

“We should probably head back,” Wylie said.

“We need to dry off before we get dressed.”

“Oh. I didn’t bring a towel.”

“Neither did I. We’ll just have to lay out to dry.”

Great, Wylie thought. Lying next to Kathryn and not touching her would be close to hell. Although she was confused. Did she even want Kathryn? Yes, based on her body alone. The fact that she was smart and nice added to that. But her attitude about her job held her back. At any rate, did Kathryn want her? Who knew?

They spread out their clothes on the dirt and lay on top of them. Wylie was acutely and painfully aware of their closeness. She could roll over and touch Kathryn. She closed her eyes and tried not to think about it. After a few minutes in the hot sun, they were dry enough to put their clothes back on. They dressed quickly and started back to their hostel.

“So, after the camel ride, how about dinner?” Kathryn asked.

Wylie thought about the question. How could there be any harm in that? Dinner still didn’t mean anything.

“Sure. That would be great.”

“It’ll be my treat,” Kathryn said.

“No. I’ll pay for it.”

Wylie wasn’t used to her dates paying for the meal.

“I insist. I asked, so I pay.”

“Fair enough.”

“And after dinner, perhaps a nightcap by the pool?”

“Sure. Sounds great. Where does one find a nightcap in a hostel?”

Kathryn laughed.

“We’ll have to hit the liquor store to buy whatever we’ll want to drink.”

“Ah. Got it.”

They returned to the hostel just before sunset. They stowed away their hiking gear then met in the lobby to go ride the camels. Amarina was there, and Wylie wished she was by herself so she could talk to the cute blonde. Instead, she gave her a quick hello and good-bye and went down to the beach with Kathryn. The ride was quite an adventure. Camels are not like horses, as Wylie quickly learned. She sat in front and Kathryn sat behind her. She felt like she was ten feet off the ground and fought her fear of falling off. The camels were sure-footed on the white sands though, and soon she relaxed into it and went with the flow and was able to enjoy all she was seeing. The reflection of the sun off the water was stunning to see, but the way the light played off the red cliffs in the distance was breathtaking. This was a once in a life time experience, and Wylie once again committed every aspect of it to memory.

After the ride, Wylie let Kathryn choose a restaurant since she was paying for dinner. She chose a nice one with a covered patio that looked out over the water.

“This is a nice place,” Wylie said.

“Thanks. I haven’t tried it yet, so I make no promises. But I’ve had my eye on it since I got here.”

“Fair enough. We’ll check it out together.”

They ordered margaritas as they looked over the menu. They decided on dinner and after they ordered, sat back to enjoy the view.

“What a day,” Wylie said. “Thank you for being my tour guide.”

“My pleasure.” Kathryn smiled. “Weren’t those camels marvelous?”

“Oh my God. I never realized how big they are. I was terrified up there.”

“So was I when I first got on. Then you kind of relax into it, don’t you?”


They kept their conversation light and friendly as they ate and, after dinner, took a leisurely stroll to the liquor store where they bought tequila, margarita mix, and glasses and wandered back to the hostel. They went to their respective rooms and changed into their suits. They met back at the pool.

“I love your look,” Kathryn said.

“Yeah. I don’t feel comfortable in your basic woman’s suit.”

“You wouldn’t look right in it.”

“Thanks. I think.”

“It was a compliment. Sometimes I think you don’t trust when I compliment you.”

“How so?”

“Right there was an example,” Kathryn said. “And when I told you how awesome I think your job is.”

“Maybe you’re right. I’m sorry. I’ll try not to be so defensive.”

“There you go.”
They sat by the pool drinking their margaritas, occasionally dipping in the water to cool off. The evening was warm, made warmer, Wylie thought, by Kathryn’s presence. She was a beauty, to be sure. And the way she filled out her bikini made Wylie’s mouth water. Her breasts were full and firm, and her ass was tight. Wylie longed to take her to bed. When ten o’clock rolled around and it was time to leave the pool, they gathered their things.

“Okay, either you’re not interested, insanely shy, or I’ve lost my touch,” Kathryn said.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you’ve done nothing to indicate you’re interested in me. You’ve been polite and fun, but you haven’t touched me or anything like that. You haven’t flirted at all. And here I feel like I’ve been throwing myself at you.”

Wylie couldn’t help but laugh.

“I had no idea. I find you very attractive, Kathryn, but I didn’t know if you were on my team.”

“Well, I am. And if you don’t take me to bed tonight, I think I’ll self-combust.”


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A year in review

2016 was a harsh year by any standard. We lost so many wonderful people. Too many to list here. I’m sure I’d leave somebody off and offend someone, so I’m not even going to try. And then there was the election – that horrible, horrible day when this country voted for a narcissistic homophobe to rule this country!

But 2016 had some high points for me, as well. I ended up with four books coming out in 2017, so that’s a plus.  And then there were all the wonderful events I got to attend with my lovely wife, Laydin. The activities started in March with a guest spot at the JEWEL book club in Dallas. The women there are so gracious and Sandy is by far the hostess with the mostest. April meant it was time for the LoneStar Lesfic Festival. This is an annual event that takes place in Austin in April every year. There are lots of readers and writers; with panels and readings. If you’ve never gone, you really should.

June was Houston Pride. Always a good time with authors from all over the state coming together to sell our books.

July was a huge family wedding for us followed by the GCLS Con in Washington, DC. Another great event with readings and panels that if you’ve never attended, you should. It’s going to be in Chicago this year. It was an excellent time, and culminated with me winning a Goldie for Summer Passion. A great time was had by all. Later in July was the BSB retreat where we learned a TON of stuff about writing. Made me a better writer. That’s for sure.

September rolled around and it was time for Dallas Pride. We had authors from as far away as Kansas City and LA. We had a blast. October was our annual trek to Provincetown for Women’s Week. Once again, I caught the Cape Cod crud, but it was worth it. We had so much fun. We hung out with old friends and made some new ones. And, of course, sold and signed books.

Earlier this month, we did a book selling/signing event here in Houston with Dallas author Jaycie Morrison. That was a lot of fun, as well.

So yeah – even though there was a lot to regret about this year, I had much to be thankful for. And I have much to look forward to in 2017. I am, of course, dreading the inauguration and all that will follow, but I’m hopeful that my family and friends can survive unscathed.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2017.


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GCLS Con 2016

Another GCLS Con has come and gone and man, was it a blast! If you’ve never gone, I highly recommend you make it a point to attend at least one con in your life. Next summer, we’ll be in Chicago. I really think you should make plans to be there.

So, this year, we got to DC a few days early so had time to look around the area. We went to Annapolis one day with the incomparable Lee Lynch and her lovely wife Lainie. Here we are on the harbor cruise.Harbor Cruise in AnnapolisThe next day we went to Gettysburg.Gettysburg Address

And then the con started. It was a great time to meet new friends and see old ones.Lunch with friends Meeting old friendsCons are like family reunions in a lot of ways, But, if you’re a newbie, there’s a con virgin program so you’ll have people to hang around with and not feel alone and lost. You’ll feel right at home.

There are lots of panels and readings always going on throughout the con. This year, I was on two panels – Research and Sex (No shock there, huh? LOL) I also went to Laydin’s panels on writing Romantic Intrigue and Blood and Gore. I did a reading from Heartscapes, which, if you haven’t gotten it yet, you really should :c) And Laydin did an excellent reading from her new book, Bitter Root.

And then, of course, there’s the award ceremony.GCKS Awards ceremonyThis year, Laydin was a finalist for Forsaken, but the competition was steep in that category. I had two books in the finals and won for Summer Passion.Award

There’s always much partying after the awards, but before hand, the Bold Strokes crew got together to show off their awards.BSB Group Sunday arrived and it was time to say good-bye for another year. Hope to see you all in Chicago!

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A Writing Hiatus

So, some of you may know, others may not, that I’ve been on a writing hiatus since September. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing… well, it did for a long while. See, I’ve got two books coming out this year and three next year and the calendar for 2018 won’t be out until March. So I was told I couldn’t submit anything. Well, I wrote a few short stories, one of which got accepted and then twiddled my thumbs. I’m a writer. What am I supposed to do besides write? For those of you who don’t know – I don’t work outside of the home. I write. It’s my job. And, unlike so many people, I love my job! So, I had to find things to keep my busy.

The first event to keep me occupied was Dallas Pride. Laydin was with me, as well as VK Powell, Barbara Ann Wright, Carsen Taite and David Swatling. We had a good time, sold some books and just generally let people know that lesbian fiction is alive and well and that people should read it 🙂 The next event that kept me away from my beloved computer was Women’s Week in Provincetown. That’s an event that, if you’ve never been to, you really need to go. Women, women, and more women strolling hand-in-hand and arm-in-arm up and down Commercial Street. It’s heaven. And I was kept plenty busy. Monday, I had a signing, then Wednesday was a panel, then a reading and a signing. Thursday morning was another reading and signing. Thursday afternoon was Laydin’s first reading (which she rocked!) Friday was another reading and signing and Saturday, Laydin was on a panel. Now, bear in mind that in between these events, there was much merry making. There was a whale watching expedition, there was drinking (a lot of that) at the Governor Bradford’s with Dawn, Sue and Dutch. There was a fund raiser for a local animal shelter that led to sing alongs with Cathy Frizzell and Holly Stratimore. Then, there was karaoke night. Lots to do. We came home happy and exhausted.

And then the holidays were upon us. Thanksgiving, Laydin made dinner with all the fixin’s and we took everything over to her sister Mary, who was still undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. We had a great time, eating an watching football. Next was Christmas which meant another trek over to Mary’s. This time, they provided the food and there were twelve of us. After dinner, we got our phones out and played Fibbage and Drawful. If you’ve never played those games, you really should. They’re hilarious and we were all crying we were laughing so hard.

New Year’s Eve was quiet. We ate chili and tamales and watched College Football playoffs. One of our teams won, anyway. New Year’s Day, Mary and her husband came over for dinner and more Fibbage and Drawful. Then, we watched the first ever episode of Saturday Night Live. Most amusing.

So, you can see, I’ve kept myself pretty busy, but in the meantime, I did manage to finish a novel, Exposed, which I plan to submit as soon as they’ll let me.

Here’s the blurb for it:

Randi Hansen is a self-confirmed playboi. She takes a different woman home from the club every chance she gets. Eleanor Bremer is new to town, a town she feels is small and conservative. She’s determined to stay in her closet in this new town, but Randi has different ideas. They get together, but Randi soon tires of the self-imposed closet Eleanor has them in. Randi says she can’t be with Eleanor if she won’t be out. Will Eleanor find the strength to come out of her closet? Or will she stay alone and miserable?

So, the hiatus was fun, but I’ll be glad when I can start submitting works again. And, I’m ready to start a new book now. Any suggestions?


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Women’s Week 2015

Oh, My God! Oh, My God!!!!! Have you ever been to Provincetown for Women’s Week????!!!! If not, why??? It’s an amazing place full of synergy and everything else positive in life! So, I’m gonna do a lot of name dropping in this post, because I’m an author and I can LOL. I thought what I’d do was give you a little run down of how I spent my time there. Now, mind you, it’s going to read like I needed a liver transplant when it was all through, but I didn’t. I survived with nothing more than a wicked cold, and I’ll take that.

So, we got to Boston Saturday night, got settled into the hotel and turned on the Duck game. They lost in double overtime. My vacation was not starting off well. Got up Sunday morning and met Laydin’s nephew, John and his wife Tanya, for brunch at this cool little place called the Beehive. It was awesome. We visited and got all caught up on the haps in their life then jumped in our little rental car and zipped off to Provincetown. Oh, My God!!! The feeling of returning to that little slice of Paradise is indescribable. As you come around the curve just outside of Truro and you see the monument in the distance… it’s an amazing feeling. We found our quarters, which were very nice, by the way. We (Laydin) found them on airb&b. We got ourselves situated then headed for town. First stop, find Sue and Dawn and Dutch for dinner. We met up with them at the Crown and Anchor but couldn’t get in. So, we walked over to Vorelli’s. Delicious shrimp scampi there, but you’ve got to like garlic, because they don’t skimp.

After dinner, we said good night to those three and went to see Kate Clinton. That woman is soooo funny!!!!! She really is still hilarious.

Monday, Monday=lots to do. First thing to do is meet up with the terrible threesome again. It was about eleven in the morning, so we decided we’d stop by Governor Bradford’s for morning beverages. I had a bloody Mary. It was pretty good, but I have to say the Squealing Pig’s was much better. So, we had a few drinks and lunch and then it was time for the first signing of the week and Laydin’s first signing ever!!! It was so exciting! Sue Seifert had already bought the book, Forsaken, and waited rather impatiently for the event to start. Hers was the first book Laydin ever signed. Next came Dutch. It’s so wonderful to have friends who support us. We were signing with Radclyffe, Jo Victor, Dena Hankins, Missouri Vaun, and Franci McMahon. It was a really good time and we sold quite a few books, considering how early it was in the week. After signing, we went back to the Governor Bradford’s to celebrate Laydin’s signing. Then we walked up the street to Bayside Betsy’s for dinner. It was really good. I had the seafood platter and I’d highly recommend it. After dinner we walked up to Dawn Sue and Dutch’s B&B. They had a little bar there where we could shoot pool. (Or try to shoot pool, as the case may be…)

Tuesday was a day with no plans. It dawned cloudy and rainy. We waited a few hours and the rain was gone, so we decided to go whale watching. We saw a bunch of whales. It was an incredible adventure. Dutch and Laydin got some great pics, but this is about as good as mine got.Whale TailIt was pretty neat.

After watching whales, well, we wandered up the street to the Squealing Pig. That place is so much fun. We had a few drinks there, then Mercedes Lewis walked by so Laydin ran outside to grab her. She came in to join us. Then Kris Bryant came by. That woman is a riot! So we had a nice sized group sitting there drinking and BS’ing and just having fun. We grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to Governor Bradford’s. Dawn, Kris and I shot tequila, but Kris would only do one since she had to moderate a reading the next day. I laughed as I did my second shot! It was a lot of fun. Dawn, Dutch and Kris took over the juke box and we all sung along with the songs they’d chosen. It was great.

Wednesday arrived and that meant it was time to get down to business. Now, bear in mind, there was a ton of stuff to do all week there, but I’m only going to tell you about where we were and what we had to do. Wednesday morning, bright and early (10 o’clock) I had to be at the library for a panel on writer’s life. Sandy Lowe moderated it and Sophia Kell-Hagin and Barbara Ann Wright were on the panel with me. It was a good panel and it was actually well attended for that ungodly hour.

Two o’clock Wednesday was my reading panel that Kris was moderating. It was all about dialogue. And, you know what? It’s really hard to read a scene out loud that’s mostly dialogue! But we did it. I read from Summer Passion. My fellow panelists were Missouri Vaun (who is like the coolest person!), Sophia Kell-Hagen, Jo Victor, and the one  and only CF Frizzell.

After the reading it was, guess what? Back to Governor Bradford’s then at 4, we got to sign books. I think that’s the best part of Women’s Week. All the different women you meet and get to chat with over a good book :).

Once the signing was over, it was time to head to The Sage for the GCLS meet-n-greet. There was a really good turn out for that. It’s always so good seeing old friends and meeting new ones at those events.

Thursday morning was another early one. I had a ten o’clock reading for GCLS. I read from Sheltered Love. KA Moll and Aurora Rey were also on the panel. It was their first reading EVER!!! They both nailed it!!! Nell Stark and Dorrine Perrine were also on the panel.

After that reading, it was off to Gabriel’s to read erotica. I read from Summer Passion again. It seemed to be well received. Dena Hankins, Tina Michele, Nell Stark, Ali Vali, D. Jackson Leigh were the other readers. The audience really seemed to enjoy it.

Next, it was Laydin’s first reading. It was all about action. She did a fantastic job!Dini ReadingShe read with Jackie D, Justine Saracen, Carsen Taite, VK Powell, and CF Frizzell.

I signed books at Recovering Hearts immediately after Laydin’s reading and then, after her signing, we walked down to the Harbor Lounge for the Bold Strokes Books Meet ‘n’ Greet. That was a lot of fun. It was someone’s birthday who just happened to be there. She had no idea about BSB or Lesfic or anything like that, so Laydin signed a copy of her book and gave it to her. Hopefully that’ll open her mind to more great books. I also met Elna and June from Britain who had come over here just to get BSB books. It was an honor signing a book for them.

By Friday morning, I had a decent case of the Cape Cod Crud. I missed Laydin’s second reading, though I heard from everyone there that she did a fantastic job. We lay low most of the day until it was time for the big fundraiser. BSB authors CA Popovich, CF Frizzell, Kris Bryant and TJ Thomas all rented one house. CA and CF’s partners were there… I don’t know if CA is married? I know CF is engaged… anywho, so they all decided to put on a barbecue in their house and invited people over. D. Jackson Leigh was there, Cindy Rizzo was there, Dawn, Sue and Dutch were all there, and Nadine and her wife and friend and, shoot, I’m not going to remember everyone… Oh – Tina Michele and Fiona Riley and Holly Stratimore and her wife… Anyway – a lot of people showed up. Dena Hankins and James were eating veggie burgers, but the rest of us got the real deal, along with a healthy serving of Laydin’s potato salad. I was proud to be part of the group that raised $205 for the PTown animal shelter. After dinner, Holly and Friz broke out their guitars and treated us to a wonderful show. We sang until I was hoarse.

That night, we had to say good-bye to Sue and Dawn who were hitting the road Saturday morning. It’s always so sad when that happens.

Saturday, we went to a couple more BSB readings and stopped by Recovering Hearts where I bought the coolest dragon (I collect dragons.) And people came up to us and asked us to sign more books, so that’s what we did. After that, we went to the Crown and Anchor for dinner – okay if you like lobster mac and cheese, you won’t be disappointed, but come hungry. The serving size for that entree was enormous! After dinner, it was time to see Suede!!!! YAY!!! I love her! She put on a great, albeit short, show, so we went back to Governor Bradford’s. Friz was there with Kathy, Holly was there with her wife, Mercedes was there, Kris was there, Nadine and her crew and Tina Michele and Fiona Riley. Mercedes and Tina actually sang karaoke, but all of us sung at the top of our lungs every song. It was awesome. The perfect way to end a wonderful week.

Good-byes were said as we all made our ways back to our places for one last night before heading home.

I really, REALLY urge you – if you ever get the chance, go to Women’s Week. It’s sooo much fun!


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Another Summer Gone

Wow… I really need to blog more often. I’m  horrible about it, aren’t I?

So, Summer is almost officially over and I thought I’d share with you a little bit about my summer.

The fun started for us in June, when, the day after the Supreme Court ruled Same Sex Marriages were legal, we had H0uston Pride.Pride

There were five authors from BSB there. We had a blast and sold lots of books. The next day, Laydin and I went over to her sister’s house. Her sister has breast cancer and is going through chemo. She decided to shave her head since her hair was falling out. So, we joined her.Shaved It was so weird to have no hair. It’s growing back now, slowly but surely.

And then it was July and time for the GCLS Con in New Orleans. The GCLS con is always a great time. You meet new friendsBeth and see old ones.Lee and Friz It was awesome. Laydin and I had a blast.Us in NOLA But it was more than fun and games. There were panels and speakers and lots to learn, believe me. I was on a couple of panels.Laughing One to talk about sex and one to talk about kissing.A kiss is but a kiss panel And, at the end of the Conference, at the Awards Ceremony, Escapades won a Goldie for Erotica. (If you haven’t read it, you really should… LOL)Award

The con was a blast, but afterward, there was still more summertime fun to be had. There was Laydin’s family reunion in Galveston. Now, if there’s one place I love, it’s the beach. And we stayed there for a week. We had so much fun. It was sun and beers and family. And our son stayed with us at the beach for the full week, even after most of the family had left. He liked swimming in the warm waters of the gulf. As did we, of course.

One new thing this summer brought for me was a love of Soccer. Our home team, the Houston Dash have three women from the USWNT on it. Meghan Klingenberger, Morgan Brian, and Carli Lloyd. We had a great time watching them. And we were there when Seattle came to town with two of their own stars, Hope Solo and Megan RapinoeHope SoloMegan Rapinoe

But Summer was not all fun and games, lest you fret. There was a lot of writing going on. I finished “Complications,” the sequel to Escapades. It’s at the beta readers right now. And I finished and submitted Goal To Go, a book about a professional woman football player.

I hope the rest of you had as fun filled a summer as I did. Feel free to share some of your adventures in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

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