About MJ Williamz

I’m an award winning author of lesbian fiction. I’ve written over thirty short stories, mostly erotica, with a few romance and horror thrown in for good measure. I also have eleven published novels with five more on the schedule.

Here’s a list of upcoming appearances:

September 16 – Dallas Pride

October 9-13 Women’s Week in Provincetown



My books are

1) Shots Fired – a romantic suspense novelShots Fired

2) Forbidden Passion – an erotic novelForbidden Passions

3) Initiation by Desire – Goldie Award winning erotic novel.initiation by desire

4) Speakeasy – An historical erotic romance. .Speakeasy cover

5) Escapades – An erotic romance – Goldie Award Winner. Escapades

6) Sheltered Love – An erotic romance. Sheltered Love Cover

7) Summer Passion – an erotic romance about Hollywood in the 1940’s = also a Goldie Award Winner Summer Passion 300 DPI


8) Heartscapes – an erotic romance about a woman who travels to Paris to study ArtHeartscapes


9) Love on Liberty – a Vietnam era love story Available October, 2016Love on Liberty


10) Love Down Under – a woman sets off to backpack in Australia and ends up getting a job as a pearl diver. Love Down Under

11) Complications – A sequel to Escapades. This one focuses on Mel’s life. Out June, 2017.Complications 300 DPI

12) Lessons in Desire – Can a summer love stand a four-month hiatus and still burn hot? Out in September, 2017

13) Hookin’ Up – Can a woman find true love on a dating app? Or has the woman she’s been looking for been in front of her the whole time?Out in December, 2017. But will be available in PTown.

14) Score – A professional football player deals with drug addiction. Out March, 2018.Score 300 DPI

I grew up on California’s Central Coast, went to school at Chico State and then moved to Portland, OR. I now live in Houston, TX with my wife and son. Questions or comments? Let me have it! I’ll answer as best I can! You can also contact me at mjwilliamz@aol.com.
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  1. Athena

    It was great meeting you at LesFic 2014!

  2. catherine burns

    I am a new fan and enjoy your books. Please, stay in touch between busy schedules. I am sure you get this all the time but seriously love to meet you and discuss another book for you to write. Please, feel free to call or email catburns67@ gmail.com
    5616766991. Sincerely

  3. Robert

    Just finished Shots Fired, what a great book. mJ has a new fan

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