About MJ Williamz

I’m an award winning author of lesbian fiction. I’ve written over thirty short stories, mostly erotica, with a few romance and horror thrown in for good measure. I also have sixteen published novels with three more on the schedule.





My books are

1) Shots Fired – a romantic suspense novelShots Fired

2) Forbidden Passion – an erotic novelForbidden Passions

3) Initiation by Desire – Goldie Award winning erotic novel.initiation by desire

4) Speakeasy – An historical erotic romance. .Speakeasy cover

5) Escapades – An erotic romance – Goldie Award Winner. Escapades

6) Sheltered Love – An erotic romance. Sheltered Love Cover

7) Summer Passion – an erotic romance about Hollywood in the 1940’s = also a Goldie Award Winner Summer Passion 300 DPI


8) Heartscapes – an erotic romance about a woman who travels to Paris to study ArtHeartscapes


9) Love on Liberty – a Vietnam era love story Available October, 2016Love on Liberty


10) Love Down Under – a woman sets off to backpack in Australia and ends up getting a job as a pearl diver. Love Down Under

11) Complications – A sequel to Escapades. This one focuses on Mel’s life. Out June, 2017.Complications 300 DPI

12) Lessons in Desire – Can a summer love stand a four-month hiatus and still burn hot? Out in September, 2017

13) Hookin’ Up – Can a woman find true love on a dating app? Or has the woman she’s been looking for been in front of her the whole time?Out in December, 2017. But will be available in PTown.

14) Score – A professional football player deals with drug addiction. Out March, 2018.Score 300 DPI

15) Exposed – a woman moves from the San Francisco Bay area to a small town in Florida. Fearing its conservative nature, she vows to remain in the closet there. What she didn’t count on was falling in love. Now she must decide which is more important to her. Her new relationship? Or her confining closet?

16) Broken Vows– Sister Mary Margaret falls for a parishioner at her church and must decide which relationship she values most – the one with Alex? Or the one with God?

17) Model Behavior- Photographer Ronnie Mannis has a well deserved reputation as a womanizer. Until she wins the heart of model Lana Ferguson and decides to settle down. But someone is not happy with Ronnie’s new relationship and will do anything to split them up.

18) Scene of the Crime – this one is more romantic intrigue than erotic. Cullen Matthews thinks she has the perfect relationship with Sara. Until Julia, a detective comes to visit one night. Cullen discovers her whole relationship with Sara has been built on lies. Still, she’s determined to defend her even as her feelings for the investigating detective are growing.

I grew up on California’s Central Coast, went to school at Chico State and then moved to Portland, OR. I now live in Houston, TX with my wife and son. Questions or comments? Let me have it! I’ll answer as best I can! You can also contact me at mjwilliamz@aol.com.
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